Booking an appointment

One second to find availability

Our monthly calendar view enables you to locate appointment availability instantly across all programs. Never have to scramble during facility rush hours again. This also gives you a quick understanding of business wellness based on capacity utilization.

Full Customization

Every facility runs differently and your booking calendar should reflect that. With our software you can fully customize your appointment hours, booking info, add notes, assign kennels and more.

Save time with reoccurring booking

Set up regulars' re-occurring schedule to significantly save time. Offer convenience to your busy customers.

Auto appointment reminder and Track Confirmation calls

Easily view all confirmation call status at one place and mark as complete when they're done. Optional auto email reminder to eliminate no-shows.

Track grooming history

Have you had customers who ask for previous styles? Offer excellence in customer service via grooming history tracking. Your customers will be amazed how you remember every little detail about their visit.

Booking log to reduce miscommunication

Have staff log their initials when booking an appointment so it's easy to follow up with questions to eliminate miscommunication. Essential in a past faced, shift work environment.

Stacking or Multiple Grooming Appointments

We understand different grooming facilities run differently. Our program offers the flexibility to choose between stacking grooming appointments, or multiple drop-offs at the same time. Option to link appointments with notes and breed restrictions.

Other Features

Locate existing customers instantly with our predictive text and photo search. Auto populated customer preference saves time. Quick check-in and auto alerts. We are compatible across mobile, tablet, and computer platforms. We are mac friendly!

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We are passionate about the wellbeing of small businesses in the pet industry.
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