Pet & Customer Management

Customized Customer, Pet, Vet Data

Comprehensive info tracking

Customize your customer and pet forms to meet your needs. Conveniently track pet photos, vaccination, signed files, vet, authorized pick-up list, recommended pet groups & kennels and more.

Purchase history and trends

Purchase history and trends

Easy to track purchase history, check-in history, and trends in customer and pet profile.

Keep customers coming back

Packages & Loyalty Program

Packages and loyalty programs keep customers coming back. One session is automatically deducted at check-in. If a balance is due, a new ticket is automatically created and respective service is added, significantly reducing admin work.

Customizable multi-tier notes

Easy to track notes

Easy to manage notes such as special care, allergies, medical and behavioral info. Never miss important info again! Auto alerts and in-place edits ensure efficienciy.

Vaccination alerts

Track vaccination expiration dates and upload paperwork to profile page. In booking and today's status page, automated vaccination alerts are shown to attract your immediate attention.

Auto Birthday Greetings

Automated birthday greetings to save you admin time. Let your customers know you're thinking of them on this special day, and let our marketing tool, Rover do the heavy lifting!

Track Wellness Status

Set pet wellness status to be well, sick or passed so all staff can easily stay on the same page.

Authorized Pick up List

Stay organized with our authorized pick-up list to simplify the check-out process. Your customers will be impressed by your professionalism.

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Other Features

Conveniently accept prepayments and manage customers' account balance. Apply account balance towards customers' bill at POS. Add and manage unlimited customers, pets, photo and file uploads. Easy to manage recommended kennels and play groups, simplifying booking, checking-in, and new staff training process.

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