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Understand your business health

Run and analyze your business on any device, at no extra cost

Understand your business performance

Understand business performance trends

Week-over-week, month-over-month analysis on new customers, revenue, check-ins by service.

Business capacity and vacancy

Understand your business outlook at-a-glance.

Know your business health

Anatlytics dashboard to see your business health at-a-glance. Know your VIP customers and best performing team members, all to help you take actionable steps.

Take care of your bookkeeping workload

Integrated with Bookkeeping software

Integrated with Bookkeeping software to save your workload.

View quick summary and detailed break-down

Slice your data any way you need. Drill down into transaction details.

Automate your payroll data

Commission based

Pull quick summaries and invoice details, any way you need.

Hourly based

Hours summary based on your team's clock-in clock-out data.

Why PawsAdmin?

Enterprise-Grade Security

PawsAdmin is built for scalable teams to work with critical data, protected by industry-verified security, data encryption, and compliance.


GDPR compliant. End-to-end encryption to protect your data that is backed-up 2x daily.

Scalable Performance

Fast and reliable. Compatible with all operating systems and devices. It takes a few minutes to start accepting bookings and payments.

Dedicated Support

When you need us? Our support portal runs 24/7, and we are one message away.

Try PawsAdmin free for 30 days

No credit card required. A better way to manage your pet business and delight your customers. Transform your pet business, together