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A personalized customer experience that will effectively grow your business

From our easy-to-use customer portal, personalized report cards to rebooking reminders, PawsAdmin helps you effectively engage your customers without the additional work

Frequent communications, automated

Eliminate no-shows with reminders

Send personalized SMS and Email automatically to get the appointments confirmed.

Easy to track reminder and confirmation status

Track the messages sent and confirmation status at-a-glance.

Vaccination expiration reminders

Automated reminders to get the up-to-date vaccinations.

Build relationships

Personalized report cards

Delight your customers with personalized report cards.

Birthday Wishes

Celebrate every pet's birthday, without additional work.

New customer welcome cards

Automated emails to welcome new customers.

Easy social sharing

Gain more customers through word-of-mouth.

Win repeat customers

Reminders to rebook

Remind customers to provide frequent care to their four-legged friends.

Rescue cold customers

Personalized reminders to bring cold customers back.

Easy-to-use customer portal

Why PawsAdmin?

Enterprise-Grade Security

PawsAdmin is built for scalable teams to work with critical data, protected by industry-verified security, data encryption, and compliance.


GDPR compliant. End-to-end encryption to protect your data that is backed-up 2x daily.

Scalable Performance

Fast and reliable. Compatible with all operating systems and devices. It takes a few minutes to start accepting bookings and payments.

Dedicated Support

When you need us? Our support portal runs 24/7, and we are one message away.

Try PawsAdmin free for 30 days

No credit card required. A better way to manage your pet business and delight your customers. Transform your pet business, together