One platform for you, your team, and your customers to scale your daycare business

Growing your daycare program is easy with PawsAdmin. Automated booking, check-in, payments, and marketing take care of your busy workload, so you can focus on taking care of our pets.

Significantly reduce business admin and free up your time

World's fastest check-ins

Instant check-in and check-out to reduce stress in your busiest time of day.

Automated invoices

Fully automated invoices pre or post check-in to simplify your day.

Set-up daycare regulars

Eliminate admin work by setting up daycare regulars.

Automated to-do reminders

Instant notifications that makes managing one-time or recurring medications, feedings, and business tasks a breeze.

Upsell & Cross sell - tailor prices to your needs

Add multi-day, family sharing, unlimited monthly daycare packages, and add-on products and services to attract customers and increase loyalty.

Contactless payments

Get paid through Customer Portal or saved cards in-store. Save your workload and delight your customers.

Add Customer Portal Link directly to your website or social media profiles

Offer an exceptional customer experience through your branded customer portal, connected anywhere from your website, Facebook, or Instagram. Empower your customers to update their pets' profiles, schedule appointments, and make payments online. More self-serve features for your customers means less workload for you.

Full customization that keeps you in control

From pet and customer profile fields, waiver-signing, reports card templates, reminders, to customer marketing communications, you have full control over how they work for you.

Attention to Details

Every little thing such as Search is designed with attention to details. You can instantly search by phone number, breed, pet, and customer name. You can also sort, filter, export lists (such as pets checked-in) everywhere in PawsAdmin.

Pet care notes that work for you

Alerts at booking

Vaccination and behavior concerns alerts at booking to keep you informed.

Easy to reference notes

Keep track of past daycare and profile notes to remember the details of the pets' visit.

Engage your customers with automated marketing

Understand your business performance

Understand your business performance trends such as revenue, check-ins, and new customers, by service type and time, without a data analyst on payroll.

Take care of your bookkeeping workload

Do your bookkeeping, without lifting a finger.


Pull your team's payroll hours, whether they are commission-based or hourly. Integrated in one app.

Boost Productivity

Save time and cost with the tailored customer and pet management, seamless scheduling and notes tracking, instant check-ins, and much more.

Contactless Payment

Get paid through your branded customer portal. Never miss another payment through automated invoicing and contactless payments. More self-serve features for your customers means less work for you.

Customer Engagement

Deliver a beautiful customer experience effortlessly, from SMS & email reminders to reduce no-shows, tailored report cards, vaccination reminders, birthday messages, to smart marketing campaigns to get customers back through the door.

Insights & Analytics

Understand your business health at-a-glance. Know your booking capacity, VIP customers, and best performing team members, all to help you take actionable steps.

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