Tracking and Reporting

Pet, Vet, Customer Data

Comprehensive data tracking

Track and import data with ease, including pet and customer photos and file, vet data, treatment history notes, session notes and more. Upload customer paper files, vet fax and pet photos. Customizable to meet your facility's specific needs.

Water Management

Water management tracking

Never miss a water quality test or recording again! Easy to use interface to record daily water management history. Keep track of major water treatment and repairs for easy reference.

Progress Reporting

Powerful progress reporting

Track progress through powerful reports and graphs. One click to share with vets and customers. Particularly useful for progress tracking such as ROM, weight loss, muscle mass gain and so on.

Session Notes

Easy to input Session notes

Do you find it easy to get behind on recording session notes? To simplify the process, when you add a new session note, the previous note details are automatically populated, so you can easily make quick changes, significantly saving admin time.

Fully customizable

Multiple Programs

Multiple program set up

You can set up unlimited booking calendars to fit your individual program's needs, such as water treadmill, pool, other rehab programs and so on. Our software also offers non hydrotherapy programs, which you can conveniently set up, such as grooming, spa, daycare, training and so on.

Staff Accounts

Unlimited Staff Account

Hydrotherapist staff accounts to manage schedule, view and add notes, and check invoices. Increase staff morale, convenience and reduce admin time.


Mac, Mobile, Tablet Friendly

Our software is easy to use and supported across all major mobile, tablet, and computer platforms. Login where-ever you are! There is no reason to compromise when it comes to technology!

Easy Booking and Quick Check-ins


Book Appointments

Our monthly calendar view enables you to locate appointment availability instantly. Never have to scramble during facility rush hours. This also gives you a quick understanding of business wellness based on capacity utilization. Bookings for different programs are completed at one screen without having to navigate multiple pages.

Online Booking

Customer Direct Online Booking

Our online booking is fully integrated with your PawsAmin software, it offers convenience that customers want and has the flexibility that your facility requires. Customize your appointment availability and your acceptance confirmation, alternate appointment recommendation, or waitlist response to offer that intimate customer experience. Auto reminder to eliminate no-shows.


Easy check-in and POS

It takes a second to check-in a pet. If a balance is due, tickets are automatically created to save admin time.

Customer engagement


Packages and loyalty features

Easy to setup packages to keep customers returning. One session or day is deducted automatically at check-in from their package. Balance is shown for easy reference. If a balance is due, a new ticket is automatically created and respective service is added, reducing staff admin work.


Report cards

There is nothing like customized report card to show customers that their pets had a wonderful time, especially for the customers who were not able to stay for the session. Modern built-in report cards template. Conveniently send multiple reports at one screen. Easy to share on social to gain referrals.


Easy to share on social

Reports are easy for customers to share on social to spread the good word. This is very helpful in gaining referrals.


Rover Marketing

Meet Rover, our automated marketing powered by artificial intelligence to fill appointments for you. Instead of mailing labor-intensive miss you cards, Rover gets in touch with cold customers for a returned visit. Sometimes it just takes a gentle reminder for your busy customers to remember the great time their pets had at your facility. Integrated with online booking.

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