Automated Marketing, Meet Rover

Automated marketing that fill your future appointments

Automated marketing powered by artificial intelligence to fill appointments for you based on customer spending history and trends. Integrated with online booking to gain new bookings.

Get in touch with cold customers

Instead of mailing labor-intensive miss you cards, Rover gets in touch with cold customers for a return visit. Sometimes it just takes a gentle reminder for your busy customers to remember the great time their pets had at your facility. Integrated with online booking.

Customize your campaigns

We know sending marketing campaigns to pet owners can be a sensitive matter. With our software you can easily customize pet-specific marketing preference to Always send, Skip one time, or Never send. You can also customize pet status to well, sick, or passed to ensure the right customers are contacted and they are happy to hear from you. Additionally you can customize your campaign message to add a personal touch.

Other Features

It takes seconds to get the campaign on the way. There is nothing like customized report cards to show customers that their pets had a wonderful time. Modern built-in report cards template. Never forget a pet's birthday again. Engage your customer with our automated birthday messages. Convenient social sharing.

About Us

We are passionate about the wellbeing of small businesses in the pet industry.
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