Pet & Customer Management

Customized Customer, Pet, Vet Data

Comprehensive info tracking

Customize your customer and pet forms to meet your needs. Conveniently track pet photos, vaccination, signed files, vet, authorized pick-up list, recommended pet groups & kennels and more.

Purchase history and trends

Purchase history and trends

Easy to track purchase history, check-in history, and trends in customer and pet profile.

Keep customers coming back

Packages & Loyalty Program

Packages and loyalty programs keep customers coming back. One session is automatically deducted at check-in. If a balance is due, a new ticket is automatically created and respective service is added, significantly reducing admin work.

Customizable multi-tier notes

Easy to track notes

Easy to manage notes such as special care, allergies, medical and behavioral info. Never miss important info again! Auto alerts and in-place edits ensure efficienciy.

Vaccination alerts

Track vaccination expiration dates and upload paperwork to profile page. In booking and today's status page, automated vaccination alerts are shown to attract your immediate attention.

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Other Features

Conveniently accept prepayments and manage customers' account balance. Apply account balance towards customers' bill at POS. Add and manage unlimited customers, pets, photo and file uploads. Easy to manage recommended kennels and play groups, simplifying booking, checking-in, and new staff training process.

Booking an appointment

One second to find availability

Our monthly calendar view enables you to locate appointment availability instantly across all programs. Never have to scramble during facility rush hours again. This also gives you a quick understanding of business wellness based on capacity utilization.

Full Customization

Every facility runs differently and your booking calendar should reflect that. With our software you can fully customize your appointment hours, booking info, add notes, assign kennels and more.

Save time with reoccurring booking

Set up regulars' re-occurring schedule to significantly save time. Offer convenience to your busy customers.

Auto appointment reminder and Track Confirmation calls

Easily view all confirmation call status at one place and mark as complete when they're done. Optional auto email reminder to eliminate no-shows.

Track grooming history

Have you had customers who ask for previous styles? Offer excellence in customer service via grooming history tracking. Your customers will be amazed how you remember every little detail about their visit.

Other Features

Locate existing customers instantly with our predictive text and photo search. Auto populated customer preference saves time. Quick check-in and auto alerts. We are compatible across mobile, tablet, and computer platforms. We are mac friendly!

Online booking

save time and cost

No more phone tags and let us work for you around the clock! Fully integrated with your PawsAmin account, our online booking offers convenience that your customers want and has the flexibility that your facility requires. Customize your appointment availability.

Online Booking

Modern design, seamless integration

It only takes a minute to customize your online booking preference and facility policies to start generating bookings for you. Simply copy and paste the widget code we generated for you into any part of your website or on your Facebook page.

Instant notification of online reservation

Once an online reservation request is made, you will receive an instant notification. Customers will receive email notification that they have successfully made a request and they will be notified once their booking request is accepted, declined, or recommended for an alternate schedule.

Automated confirmation, reminders and communication emails to eliminate no-shows

Automated email communication for booking request, acceptance, alternate appointment time recommendation and so on. Option to customize your response template to add a personal touch. Appointment reminders are built in to notify customers prior to their upcoming appointment, eliminating no-shows.

Other features

Customizable new customer signup form. No fuss, unmatched customer experience. It only takes a minute for your customer to schedule an online appointment. It remembers pets and process special requests. It is mobile and tablet friendly, so it's easier for your customers to book appointments on the go.

Status dashboard

Seconds to check in and out

It only takes a second to check-in and out a pet. Ability to check-in multiple pets at the same time. Manage notes, vaccine alerts, update dog details and assigned kennel, all in one place.

At-a- glance facility status and health

Gain an instant understanding of today's facility status and business health in Status Dashboard. Break down by service, staff, pet groups etc. using instant filter. Reports are ready to print in various formats such as PDF and Excel.

Auto generated tickets

Tickets are auto generated upon check-in if a balance is due. Simply click on the ticket link at check out to close a ticket within seconds. Family dogs are auto combined to one ticket to offer convenience.

Admin features

Easy to manage facility and staff configuration

Update the configurations of your facility and staff anytime through Admin menu, E.g., facility capacity and set up, kennel setup, staff list, staff accounts and so on.

Manage staff schedule

Manage your staff schedule from Admin menu. Ability to add custom notes. Your staff have the option to input their own long term schedule, alleviating your workload.

Project management tool

Easy to manage to-do lists and alerts. Improve your efficiency and team productivity with our project management tool. It's difficult to keep track of to-do lists while taking care dogs. Let us remember and do the managing for you!

Understanding business wellness

Track and import data with ease, including pet and customer photos and file, vet data, treatment history notes, session notes and more. Upload customer paper files, vet fax and pet photos. Customizable to meet your facility's specific needs.

More Features

Generate staff invoices to take more work off your plate. Optional Quickbook exports. Retail sales and trends tracking and reporting.

Automated Marketing, Meet Rover

Automated marketing that fill your future appointments

Automated marketing powered by artificial intelligence to fill appointments for you based on customer spending history and trends. Integrated with online booking to gain new bookings.

Get in touch with cold customers

Instead of mailing labor-intensive miss you cards, Rover gets in touch with cold customers for a return visit. Sometimes it just takes a gentle reminder for your busy customers to remember the great time their pets had at your facility. Integrated with online booking.

Customize your campaigns

We know sending marketing campaigns to pet owners can be a sensitive matter. With our software you can easily customize pet-specific marketing preference to Always send, Skip one time, or Never send. You can also customize pet status to well, sick, or passed to ensure the right customers are contacted and they are happy to hear from you. Additionally you can customize your campaign message to add a personal touch.

Other Features

It takes seconds to get the campaign on the way. There is nothing like customized report cards to show customers that their pets had a wonderful time. Modern built-in report cards template. Never forget a pet's birthday again. Engage your customer with our automated birthday messages. Convenient social sharing.


Quick sales

Tickets are automatically generated at check-in if a balance is due. At check out simply click on the ticket link and complete within seconds. Family dogs are included in one single ticket, significantly reducing work and simplifying check out process.

Barcode scanner compatible

Simplified retail sales. It's easy to use our instant predictive search to enter retail products. Alternatively, you can use a barcode retail scanner to instantly add a product at POS.

Coupons & promotions

Add coupon discounts in percentage (%) or dollar ($) to offer coupons, promotions with customized notes for easy tracking.

Tips and account balance

Conveniently edit tip details. Track tips for daily cash & credit card reconciliation and reports with our built-in template. Account balance can be conveniently selected as a payment type, making advanced payment easy to track.

More Features

Add unlimited types of split payments to offer convenience to your customers and ensure accuracy of your daily financial reconciliation and long term reporting.

Staff management

Stay organized and empowered with our unique staff accounts

It's easy to stay organized with our staff accounts. Your staff can conveniently view and update their work schedule and check invoices. For staff such as groomers, hydrotherapists, they can directly check-in a pet from their account, view previous session notes, and add new notes. Groomers can also set price directly from their accounts, reducing admin workload. Your customers will be so impressed with check-in and check-out efficiency, and your memory of their previous visits.

Admin management

Effortlessly update staff list and staff account setup with easy clicks from your admin menu. You can also reset staff account passwords at any time.

Improve productivity with daily to-do list

Keep track of your daily tasks to improve productivity. Never miss important things again throughout the day! This helps ease the burden in a fast paced work environment. It's easy to track the status to promote teamwork, and award high performers.

Data security

Tiered account control and security protocol

One less thing to track and worry about as a small business owner. Our pet software ensures you have complete data confidentiality. Admin account can be accessed anywhere. Store account is tied to the store Internet IP so it cannot be accessed outside of the physical location. Staff account does not show customer details to ensure data confidentiality.

twice daily automatic backups

Backing up your data is essential however easy to forget, especially for a busy pet business owner. That is why we are backing up your data twice daily for you in the cloud, so you never have to worry.

booking tracking

It's easy to track which staff member made a specific booking to eliminate booking miscommunication. This is particularly helpful in the fast paced pet care environment.

System support

Lifetime 1:1 support

You will always receive 1:1 support at PawsAdmin from registration to everyday support. Our support team are a group of tech gurus and avid pet lovers, always happy to help make your busy day a bit smoother.

Responsive to your needs

We are a very responsive team. We promise to respond to all requests within 24 hours. In reality our support team on average responds to customer requests within minutes.

Dashboard to track all support requests

All support requests are tracked in one dashboard in your pet program so it's easy to track and refer back, keeping all the staff on the same page.

The support dashboard is located in your PawsAdmin account, making contacting us easy for everyone on your team.

custom setup

Every facility runs a bit differently. Our software is flexible in meeting different needs. Just contact us for specific customization needs.

technical excellence

Our technical team is known for creating some of the most innovative and intuitive technology in North America. Our program is super fast and easy to use, you will feel the difference.

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