Online booking

save time and cost

No more phone tags and let us work for you around the clock! Fully integrated with your PawsAmin account, our online booking offers convenience that your customers want and has the flexibility that your facility requires. Customize your appointment availability.

Online Booking

Modern design, seamless integration

It only takes a minute to customize your online booking preference and facility policies to start generating bookings for you. Simply copy and paste the widget code we generated for you into any part of your website or on your Facebook page.

Instant notification of online reservation

Once an online reservation request is made, you will receive an instant notification. Customers will receive email notification that they have successfully made a request and they will be notified once their booking request is accepted, declined, or recommended for an alternate schedule.

Automated confirmation, reminders and communication emails to eliminate no-shows

Automated email communication for booking request, acceptance, alternate appointment time recommendation and so on. Option to customize your response template to add a personal touch. Appointment reminders are built in to notify customers prior to their upcoming appointment, eliminating no-shows.

Online booking that works for you, not against you

Have you reserved time for a mini poodle haircut but a standard poodle walks through the door? Our online booking system requires your approval because we understand your capacity is also based on a number of other factors, such as if this is a returning customer, the breed of the dog, and your own bookings for that day. Conveniently process online booking requests and consult schedule on one screen.

Other features

Customizable new customer signup form. No fuss, unmatched customer experience. It only takes a minute for your customer to schedule an online appointment. It remembers pets and process special requests. It is mobile and tablet friendly, so it's easier for your customers to book appointments on the go.

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